Thursday, December 16, 2010

Emergency Rally Against Community Roots Charter School Tonight


Dear Parent Leaders and Community Advocates:

District 13 is under attack by Community Roots Charter School and DOE.

We need every available body tonight at our P.S. 67 located at St. Edwards between Park Ave and Myrtle. 5:30

CRCS would like to have a middle school and have taken rooms from PS 67. PS 67 has a class in a closet. While CRCS has the famous class size of 25 and two teachers they also received an F on their last progress report.

We have had enough of the DOE and their Charter Schools.

Khem Irby
See below

Dear Office of Public Affairs:

Tonight I was made aware of a hearing for Community Roots Charter School via conversation.

They would like to add a middle school in District 13.
As a member of the CEC we were not given proper notice to participate in the hearing. Was this supposed to be a joint hearing with District 13?

Also, what are they legally supposed to do in regard to the new law?

Should the creation of a new middle school option for district 13 families?

Where do they plan to expand this school?

How many rooms were allocated to them when they entered PS 67? They are using the library exclusively and have locked out the D75 and PS 67 schools.

I am requesting that you cancel this hearing in respect of the law and the district 13 community that will be impacted.


Khem Irby

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