Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hillcrest HS Has 11 Assistant Principals

Cathie Black visited the Queens school, which is heavily involved with the Gates Foundation. Their idea of support never involves reducing class size or putting a lot of resources like guidance counsellors and social workers as that would contradict the ideology they push that teachers are the issue.

So "support" means more people watching and training teachers or coordinating something or other. The Master teacher who makes 30% more is a big item - the union pushes this one too. Or eleven APs, including one for data analysis. Give me a break. Analyze this!!

Here are some comments Leonie put up:

Video of Cathie Black arriving at Hillcrest at NY1; w/ lots of big smiles and glad-handing from Bob Hughes of New Visions. 

Hillcrest is the one large HS that DOE continually rolls out that is supposedly a symbol of their success in “turning around” large schools, w/ the help of New Visions of course.

Hillcrest is a school composed of seven small learning communities with fewer than 500 students each and two one-year immersion programs. We are a New Visions School working collaboratively with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

They have 11 APs (count em!)

Here’s a quote from their AP for data analysis: Amar Nepal, A.P. Data Analyst

Hillcrest High School is committed to data driven instruction.  It is through the effective use of data that our school community can make the decisions to promote teaching and learning.  "The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight." - Carly Fiorina

Worth checking out: Steven Lazar's column at Gotham Schools:  Disconnections
Tweed and the UFT headquarters feel a world, and a mindset, apart from my daily education reality.
At my school, I am the most experienced social studies teacher; at the UFT last Wednesday, I was the youngest in the room. There are important things that go on at the UFT, and I support most of the union’s efforts, but there seems to be a large distance between what the UFT does and what I do. Likewise, I am sure some things that happen at Tweed have a directly positive or adverse effect on my school’s dally existence. But when someone said at the UFT High School Committee meeting last week that the UFT is now in a state of war with Tweed over school closures, if felt to me like a war between the Olympian gods where little thought or consideration is given to its effects, if there even are any, on the daily lived existence of most teachers and students in this city.

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