Sunday, December 12, 2010

Updated: Exclusive video: Lawsuit to Deny Black as Chancellor - in 5 parts

Updated: Sun. Dec. 12, 12PM.

This is well worth watching as parents slam the Black appointment - see espcially John Battis' comment about Bloomberg's "Cathie Black is the closer" statement and how Mariano Rivera would be a better choice.

Deny Waiver Law Suit Press Conference: Dec. 9, 2010
(Suit will be heard in Albany on Dec. 23)

Part 1: Mona Davids, Norman Siegel and Herb Teitelbaum

Part 2:  Hakim Jeffries, Lydia Bellahcene, John Battis

Part 3: Shino Tanikawa, Chris Owens

Part 4: Noah Gotbaum, Patricia Connelly, Norman Siegel

Part 5: Wrapup

Attorney: Cathie Black will never get to serve as NYC education chief

Renowned civil liberties attorney Norman Siegel tells that Chancellor-designee Cathleen P. Blackshould savor her time visiting New York City public schools, because she’ll never get to run them.

Siegel filed a legal challenge in State Supreme Court yesterday afternoon, arguing that Education Commissioner David M. Steiner’s waiver to allow Black, who prior to her appointment had never set foot in a school was “arbitrary and capricious.”  Siegel said that the judge scheduled a hearing for December 23rd –

Another story here.

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