Monday, January 24, 2011

Eterno: A Jamaica Diploma is Real and It's Earned

James made a fantastic presentation along with the student (pointing out the loss of services to Jamaica including AP classes and the parent at the Jamaica HS closing hearing on Jan. 20.  The presentation points out how the DOE targets schools for closing. James compares the Jamaica data with other schools. Powerful stuff. James points out they could have used the "make all kids pass" like Tapsco to raise grad rates and  to make the school look better but "Jamaica doesn't subscribe to any phony scams. A Jamaica diploma is real and it's earned."
The entire video is just short of a half hour. I didn't have time to do any editing - I just grabbed a chunk of film - let me know if I said anything dirty off camera.
It begins with a piece from John White- note Queens HS Supt Juan Mendez and the smug look on his face.
(I was riled up enough to go after Mendez later on -
I did this all hand held so there will be some sea sickness. The camera settles down (it must have a mind of its own) after James starts speaking - about 4 minutes in.
Jamaica HS Closing Hearing: James Eterno Presents the Real Data
"Eterno points to the lies and distortions perpetrated by the NYC Department of Education as represented by John White as Queens HS Supt Juan Mendez looks smugly on."

You can watch it here:

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