Saturday, February 12, 2011

Diary of a Mad Retiree, Part 2

If you read my post yesterday, Diary of a Mad Retiree, you are aware that I am in the midst of an insane 5 day period of activity that perfectly coincides with my wife's trip to Cancun. Friday was a blur.

I was awakened this morning to the sounds of cat vomiting - all over the kitchen. Pinky is 19 and a half years old and bowel movements are an adventure - my wife left me strict instructions on how to spike her food to encourage her - we don't want more of those $250 enemas. Now I have to race out to Williamsburg for a final weekend of editing our movie, "The Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman," so this will be brief.

I was truly dead tired when I got home from last night my first Knick game in at least a decade and the follow-up with cousin Danny in a bar. Dan just couldn't seem to understand why a 65 year old guy isn't keeping up with a 27 year old, "But I want you to have fun," he said. I passed on the strip club and went home, falling asleep on the train.

I had left my car parked on Clarkson Street where the Peter Lamphere fundraiser/party was taking place. (Make sure to read Peter's piece at Gotham Schools - see post below this for links). I was so pressed for time I was only able to stay for a short time and just as I was leaving a big GEM crew arrived. About 1 minute into the Knick game I realized I should never have left. I won't be back for another decade.

This was my second trip of the day into the city from Rockaway. I left before 9AM to head up to Harlem to speak at an elementary school that has been invaded by a charter. I met with teachers through 3 lunch hours and then took a tour of the building, seeing first hand the charter/public school mix. This visit requires a separate post all of its own.

After I left the school, I headed downtown to Teachers Unite where we had a great discussion on teacher organizing. So I didn't get back to Rockaway until 4:45, only to have to leave again an hour later for the evening adventures.

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