Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Joel Klein and ed deform whine refuted: Teacher tenure is not a guarantee of a lifetime job

Echoing Principal Brian De Vale message to Cathie Black: Principals can remove incompetent tenured teachers as seen in this video: Brooklyn Principal Challenges Cath...
Teacher tenure is not a guarantee of a lifetime job. As demonstrated by this recent decision in a termination proceeding for which I provided expert testimony, inappropriate conduct by a tenured teacher can result in termination where school and district administrators act decisively, as they should.
  • Shawn Armor But what is 'inappropriate conduct', Breaking the law? A lot don't do that but still deserve to be shown the door..
    19 minutes ago ·

  • Kym Vanderbilt I think the key word is "they". They, the prinicpals really need to document and deliver. I do agree the process is too arduous, but at the end of the day, this is why we need strong admininstration.
    12 minutes ago · · 

  • David Bloomfield No Shawn, he didn't break the law. That's the point, as Kym wrote. Bad teachers can be shown the door; too often administrators just don't make the effort, then blame the rules they haven't followed!
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