Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leonie on FOXNews - It's 3 against 1

video here

Of course -An anti-union City Journal guy

Megyn is a FOXer - and not neurtal.
What about union money to politicians.
Leonie - let's look at where the billionaire money is going.
Megyn interrupts - public sector earn more - also that teachers are off in summers.
Leonie compares to billionaires and Wall St.
Tracy Byrnes - nothing to do with WallSt
Megyn supports her. Doesn't interrupt.
Unless Leonie gets in their faces she will not get a word in.
City Journal slug - never belonged to union in his life. Are 93% of Americans repressed?
Leonie - polls show that vast majority of Americans support unions - FOX slug interrupts Leonie again as does City Journal slug. Now brings up pension issue.
Megyn - unions put Democratic politicians - talks about how much money unions are giving to politicians.
Leonie - who is pushing attack on unions - 1% control 25% of the wealth. We will not survive as middle class disappears.
FOX slug talks about jobs.
What a fix this is.
Leonie - very wealthy should pay fair share -

Megyn's got to go - of course - sounds disgusted that Leonie's words about equity would foul the FOX air.

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