Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reginald Landeau, Jr. - Triple Principal From Hell

Principal burns down his office through use of illegal hot plate. Tweed still supports him. This guy should be on the poster for why we need to keep LIFO. And charges of anti-semitism too.

I've been hearing horror stories about Reggie for years. His dad was a Superintendent in Queens in the district days. My friend worked for him when he was a principal and had good things to say. So, while Dad Landeau had a decent rep [UPDATES SAY HE WAS/IS AS BIG A SHIT AS HIS SON] his son, who one person at the school claimed went from para to Leadership Academy, is a horror story. I have other stuff from other teachers but here is just one:
Hi Norm,

I am a teacher at Middle School 216 in Queens and we are having some serious issues with union busting and teacher targeting (i.e.discrimination with regard to age, creed, gender, etc...) . I have included the link of a UFT article but there was also an article written in the January 20, 2011 issue about what is going on at MS 216. That article was written by Jessica Ablamsky and is on the Queens Tribune website. I was wondering if a story about a principal firing a cancer-survivor, picking on anyone who exercises their union rights, and a great number of Jewish employees, is of any interest to you. We are trying to reach out to anyone who can bring this horrific situation into the spotlight so that the NYC DOE will be forced to do something about what is going on.

Thanks so much for your time,

Queens principal burns office, staff | United Federation of Teachers

Mar 10, 2011 ... Principal Reginald Landeau didn't turn off his unauthorized hot ... Staffers said Landeau never formally advised parents or staff of the ...
This was a good article - finally after so many years of teacher complaints. And the follow-up of giving out leaflets on parents night and actions by the other chapter leaders is a good way to start publicizing the case and building pressure. The UFT should have been doing this years ago - I've been hearing these complaints for quite some time. But let's give credit for finally taking action. Question is: is this a one shot only to make people at the school feel better and go away or the beginning of a concerted campaign?

How about using the TV commercials featuring principals from hell - the best case for LIFO I can think of.

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