Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Charter School Outrage - This Time in LA

The minute I read about Diane Ravitch's shared video link of a charter co-loco in LA I decided to blog it. I put up the entire thread at Norms Notes as it was in response to a piece written by Pedro Noguera.(Pedro Noguera Advice for Walcott).

The video has all the pro-charter school people, who packed the place and took all 7 speaker slots, all speaking the same talking point nonsense about diversity. But they just happened to leave out the zip code of the local projects for kids eligible for the charter. You hear the words "cherry picking" more than once. One parent points out he only found out about the meeting 2 hours before as he points to the well-organized charter people who clearly were organized to come out in force. Try watching their faces as people speak.

The Reflective Educator also blogged about it, so head over there to watch the video and comment: Charter Schools, LAUSD, and Equity?

NOTE: Next week will be Harlem Success Academy week at Ed Notes, with telling videos I shot at the District 14 CEC meeting on April 14 and a new piece on the same topic by my co-blogger M.A.B. who was at the meeting with me.

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