Sunday, April 10, 2011

IS 303 Hearing - Domenic Recchio Takes Sides

Going to charter co-loco hearings is worse than being stuck in Groundhog Day - at least he gets the girl in the end. You will always here how the co-loco is temporary and that they have their own buidling just waiting for them.

Here is the latest fiasco - the IS 303 Hearing - City Councilman Domenic Recchio has trouble remembering the location of the building for Coney Island Prep charter.

I made this video of Julia Daniely, PTA President

Here's more videos made by people at 303:

At the CEC March 9th meeting we were told that 'trying to keep them out of the bldg is a sad reminder of Little Rock 9"

More about Recchia.. its from a few years ago at a Community Board 13 meeting. Listen to it.

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