Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Journalistic Ineptness: Untamed Teacher Chronicles Incompetence of NY Post Reporters

I remember a nasty email I received from NY Times education reporter David Herzenhorn objecting to how I characterized one of his stories. And there are reporters who complain when I criticize them publicly. "Why didn't you tell me privately," they ask? My, how sensitive.

You should really follow Untamed Teacher as she turns charges of teacher incompetency on its head by tracking the errors of omission and commission by NY Post reporters:  http://untamedteacher.blogspot.com/

And what do you think about how every dumb and biased report in the NY Post gets a link with a lead at Gotham Schools?

Given the nature of the attack on teachers I suggest you check the work of the journalists reporting on education. How many events are so poorly covered, often with misinformation and certainly misinterpretation?

Here at Ed Notes we will do our best. I suggest teachers and parents start evaluating the reports of the reporters covering stories they were involved in. Were you quoted accurately? Were your words distorted? Let's have an eval system for the press. Personally, I think bad reporting harms society way worse than bad teaching.

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