Monday, June 6, 2011

Did UFT Undermine Chapter Leader at MS 216Q by Sending in Incompetent Rep to Hold SBO Vote?

UFT ineffectiveness in defending chapter leaders a growing sore with teachers. On Friday, I published this story as a lead-in to the one below:

Does the UFT Bury Stories Exposing How Weak It Really Is When It Comes to Defending Chapter Leaders?

Should the UFT warn potential chapter leaders of the pitfalls? In Rachel Montagano's case they told her they had her back. They didn't.

Rachel Montaganao, Chapter Leader, IS 216 facing 3020 charges

I've been reporting on the situation at MS 216 in Queens where Principal Reginald Landeau Jr has railroaded and removed chapter leader Rachel Montagano (one of many CLs chopped by Landeau) who is under 3020a charges for supposedly being incompetent, causing teachers and students and parents to shake their heads in disbelief. Landeau brought Montagano into the school due to her impeccable record as an educator but turned on her when she took the CL job at the behest of union higher ups who have seemingly abandoned her despite telling her they would have her back. Sure, with a knife out.

Today I heard that UFT Queens rep Washington Sanchez, who earns the distinction of never having had a good word said about him (see my report from the AFT Convention in Seattle) was going into MS 216 to hold an SBO vote, a vote that should only have been conducted by Montagano and something the UFT should have insisted upon. But Sanchez by going in and holding a vote is helping Landeau undercut the legitimacy of Montagano who is still the elected chapter leader.Some teachers at the school are livid at the UFT reps they have been dealing with, with UFT VP Richard Farkas coming in for special condemnation.

Here are our previous posts:

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The student who put up the facebook page was called in Landeau's office along with the parents and  made no graduation threats and even threatened them with police unless it was taken down. There is a new facebook page supporting Montagano which you should go and support:

where a student left this comment:
i really hope this page takes off ... i cant really share this page cause my dad don't want me to be involved at all anymore cause of what happened to the principal.. but please ppl share this page. i havn't forgotten about our great teacher.. i don't care how many days there are of school left

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