Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mulgrew Bends Over Backwards to NOT Mention "Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting For Superman"

He'll need a back brace.

So Mulgrew starts the Delegate Assembly talking about how the ed deformers are failing. "Remember 'Waiting for Superman" he says? A few words on how it failed.

Now's the perfect opportunity to tell the delegates how a group of their fellow NYC teachers have made their own movie in response. Not a word. Of course. Why would the UFT leadership bother to mention one of the most effective responses to the ed deformers? Is it that the movie was made by the Grassroots Education Movement which the Unity Caucus leadership behind the scenes is trashing?

In other news Mulgrew is coming off talking real militant. No give on the lawsuit. No deal that he knows of on layoffs. We may need to get 50,000 people out in July. He's got to be joking.

Question from teacher at A Philip Randolph about teachers in the Bronx who last year got U ratings but were already on the plane for vacation. "This must not be allowed to happen this year" he challenges Mulgrew. Mulgrew just shrugs.

Well, I'm at the Skinny Awards dinner drinking lots of beer so I will be parteeeeeeing.


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